Low cost of manufacturing in China means high profit and significant savings. We have an extensive network of Chinese manufacturers approved by us providing quality products at cost price.

We also have our own channel to deliver directly to your door at lowest cost.

We know you are always wondering, at such a low price, what the quality is going to be like. That is why we set our offices in China to guarantee the quality of our products.

We will send you samples of your intended products for a small cost so you can check the quality.

Have no experience of import at all?
No worries, we'll get all the paperwork done for you ensuring a smooth passage of shipment.

We will also sort out your transportation and deliver from China directly to your door.

Making More Profit by Sourcing From China!

Do you want to join the thousands of companies who benefit from the low cost of sourcing from China but don't know where to start, where to find the right supplier or where to find a trust-worthy courier? Just tell us what you need, when you need it, and how much you want to pay for it. We will get everything sorted for you and delivered directly to your door.

We have offices in China liasing with our extensive network of approved manufacturers to guarantee that you will get what you want at a high standard for the lowest price possible.

To keep ahead of your competitors, call us on 01159 248 150, email us at enquiry@ImportChinaUK.com or sumbit your enquiries through the form in our contact page.

Tel: 01159 248 150