Importing goods can be a challenging task for any business or consumer. Venturing in to a global network of suppliers and manufacturers can be daunting and highlight many potential banana skins when looking to improve your supplier network.

Are you maximising the cost saving capability available to you? Will the quality match the standards you and your clients demand? Have you taken in to consideration all the costs to fully understand the impact it will have on your business model?

These questions poised to UK customers make the use of an intermediary agent a useful tool. Not only do they have the framework and sourcing capabilities to carry out these tasks for you, it can also benefit you from having to spend the time or the resources on areas that you could put time, attention and spend elsewhere.

Import China UK Ltd is a sourcing and negotiating company that will micro manage the whole process from sourcing the goods that you are looking to import, managing the project right through the manufacturing process and finally delivering them to your door in the UK, or abroad if required. Import China UK Ltd will use its current infrastructure and experience to maximise the cost savings you can benefit from and allow you to spend more time and energy on growing your business. To understand how Import China UK works and how the services available to you can benefit your business, please visit 'Our Services'.



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